The latest security label “black technology” — resist hot air security label

The huge profit margin of high-end liquor makes many criminals carry out imitation production for profit. One of the common counterfeiting methods is to tear the label on the genuine wine bottle, drill a pinhole on the bottle body with professional equipment, draw out the real wine inside, fill it with low-cost counterfeit wine, block the pinhole, stick the original label, and then sell it as genuine wine. In addition to the alcohol industry, there are similar counterfeiting problems in high-value industries such as cosmetics and luxury goods, which infringe on the rights and interests of brands and consumers. Even if the brand side adopts security labels and constantly upgrades security marks, the glue of traditional security label materials will reduce the viscosity under the hot wind of 60-80 °C hair dryer, so that the label can be completely uncovered and transferred. In order to effectively crack down on the above-mentioned counterfeiting methods, Kippon launched a resist hot air security label. This product has excellent heat and wind resistance (up to 80 °C), the glue can still maintain high viscosity at high temperature, and the synthetic paper surface material has the function of layering, so that the label can not be completely opened to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect.

echnical advantages:
1. High temperature resistant high viscosity glue, which maintains high viscosity at high temperature and cannot be easily torn apart;
2. Combined with anti-counterfeiting synthetic paper, it has layered anti-counterfeiting effect at room temperature. Once it is uncovered, it will be layered and damaged and cannot be restored;
3. It is suitable for most consumer goods packaging containers with anti-counterfeiting needs, such as glass, ceramics, etc;

Experimental test:

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The experimenter heated the label with hot air

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The label surface temperature reaches 73 5°C

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When the experimenters tried to uncover the label, the anti-counterfeiting synthetic paper surface was damaged in layers, and the adhesive still remained high viscosity, which could not tear the label completely.

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When the experimenters tried to uncover the label, the mirror coated paper surface was damaged, the adhesive remained high viscosity, and the label was damaged.
With this security label, the packaging anti-counterfeiting performance of high-value goods has been greatly improved and the safety has been doubled, which not only protects the brand interests and product safety, but also consumers can shop at ease.
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Post time: Jun-28-2022