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Labels used in the automotive industry must meet a series of challenges, including harsh chemical environment, challenging substrates, and various pressures brought by vehicle use and maintenance. Kippon's product portfolio of automotive label solutions adopts materials that reflect reliable performance in extreme environments, which can meet the needs of supply chain processes, industry regulations and OEM test parameters in the industry.

Application fields: vehicle exterior decoration, interior decoration and engine compartment;
Exterior decoration: fuel tank cap, tire pressure and tracking / maintenance label;
Interior: warning, description and tracking labels on airbag, safety / anti-counterfeiting, electronic products and interior parts;
Under the hood: heat / chemical resistance warning, engine component description, tracking, liquid container, car battery and cable label;
Main features: all kinds of self-adhesive materials, including different surface materials and adhesives, have excellent adhesion to various substrates including rough and low surface energy plastics, high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. The performance in harsh environments is consistent with the general test parameters specified by reach, ROHS, IMDs and automotive OEM, and meets the gb/t-25978 standard. Corresponding test reports can be provided.
Label characteristics: waterproof, oil-proof, not easy to fall off, clear printing, bright colors, no fading, smooth surface, uniform thickness, good gloss and flexibility;The outdoor sun resistance grade can reach grade 7-8, and the outdoor use can reach 5-8 years.
Label printing: the size and shape can be customized, or the sample design graphic scheme can be provided for reference.Vehicle, wall, boat, and window lettering.

Durable gloss vinyl decals stick to any flat surface.
UV and water resistant vinyl prevents fading or weathering. Don’t want to wrap your entire vehicle but still want to gain prime advertising?

Why not use your windows? Window graphics are a perfect advertising opportunity. You can display all of your information on your windows, and in full color and still see through them for safe driving. Vinyl graphics can be removed from windows without damaging the glass. This permits easy modification when it is needed. Window graphics are ideal fro such items as business names, logos, goods and services, and contact information. Ask your Signs Now representative for the latest information about window graphics techniques and materials.

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