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With the increasing number of goods on store shelves, Ningbo Kunpeng printing has always been at the forefront in the research and development of the most advanced inks and substrates, providing a variety of new methods to make your products stand out. From tactile ink to holographic reflection, we can always find ways to make your brand products the most attractive products on the shelf.

Common food label materials: coated paper (matte / mirror), transparent pvc/pe/bopp/pet, white pp/pe/pet, laser paper, kraft paper, brushed gold (silver), gold plated paper, silver plated paper, synthetic paper (cpc/pp/hyl/ tough paper / pearlescent paper), aluminum foil paper, textured paper (standard for wine), pearl film, bright gold (silver) polyester, matte gold polyester;

General food label glue: General super adhesive, general strong adhesive, refrigerated food strong adhesive, general re uncovering, fiber re uncovering, food special, all-weather special, etc. special labeling requirements can be customized;

Common food label base paper: white, blue and yellow grasin base paper, transparent PET (special for high-speed labeling), coated paper, etc., which are customized according to your needs;

Common food label printing: the size and shape can be customized, or the sample design graphic scheme can be provided for reference;

Common food surface treatment: glossy film / sub film, oiling, bronzing, etc;

Characteristics of ordinary food labels: food labels can be waterproof, oil-proof, not easy to fall off, with clear printing, bright colors and no fading, smooth surface, uniform thickness, good gloss and flexibility;

The packaging of ordinary food is inseparable from the label. The food self-adhesive label can reveal a lot of information to consumers, which will affect whether consumers buy the commodity. Therefore, the label design must attract the attention of manufacturers. How to design food labels? First of all, we should be familiar with the characteristics of different ordinary food packaging, and fully grasp the technical requirements of label printing, so as to produce high-quality food labels.

After 16 years of development, Ningbo Kunpeng Printing Co., Ltd. has formed many characteristics and significant advantages in printing mode, production process and product performance. Among them (Chinese label printing of food self-adhesive, English label printing of food self-adhesive, general strip QR code label of food self-adhesive), which meets the "harsh" requirements of high-grade aluminized paper food self-adhesive labels on production equipment and production process; There are certain differences between food self-adhesive labels and other labels, because it not only serves as the "ID card" of food, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection and hygiene. In cold and wet surfaces and in the case of freezing and cold storage, it is necessary to ensure that the labels have enough stickiness!

1 (3)
1 (6)
2 (2)
2 (7)
茶叶罐 罐身贴
蛋白粉 (1)
蛋白粉 (3)
蛋白粉 (6)
蛋糕杯 杯身贴纸 (1)
蛋糕杯 杯身贴纸 (2)
调味料 (1)
调味料 (3)
调味料 (5)
蜂蜜罐 (1)
谷类食品标签 (1)
谷类食品标签 (5)
咖啡豆 (1)
咖啡豆 (3)
咖啡豆 (4)
三明治贴纸 (1)
食物封口贴 (1)
食物封口贴 (2)
食物封口贴 (4)
食物封口贴 (5)
蔬菜标签 (1)
土豆泥标签 (1)
土豆泥标签 (2)
土豆泥标签 (3)
有机食物 (1)
有机食物 (2)
芝士奶酪 (1)
芝士奶酪 (2)

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