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The labels of medical products include stickers for health care products, vitamin labels, medical label stickers, medical drug labels, medical bottle labels, medical drainage tube labels, and medical vacuum blood collection labels. Our company has imported equipment (new rotary printing machine, laser knife mold NC die cutting, high-precision bar code machine, etc.), Imported materials (base paper, ink, consumables), exclusive customization, as you want, a variety of sizes, your choice, three-day shipment.

Medical label: (medical label, medical label, medical label, drug sticker) refers to the content printed or pasted on the drug package, which is divided into inner label and outer label. Because drug labels have high requirements for safety and hygiene, Ningbo Kunpeng printing factory adopts a dust-free workshop, which has a set of strict and complete processes for product testing, inventory, batch sample retention, waste disposal, product tracking, etc. As more and more pharmaceutical companies choose to use high-speed automatic labeling, our pharmaceutical labels also widely use medical adhesive materials such as grazin base paper or pet transparent base paper with good tensile strength and die-cutting performance to meet the requirements of high-speed automatic labeling.

Characteristics of medical drug label sticker: the medical drug label can be waterproof, oil-proof, not easy to fall off, the printing is clear, the color is bright and does not fade, the surface is smooth, the thickness is uniform, and the gloss and flexibility are good.
Medical drug label sticker glue: General super adhesive type, general strong adhesive type, refrigerated medical drug strong adhesive type, general re uncovering type, fiber re uncovering type, medical drug special type, all-weather special type, etc. special labeling requirements can be customized glue.

Our label sticker printing design products include: Chinese label sticker printing of medical drugs, general label sticker printing of medical drugs, English label sticker printing of medical drugs, etc. in the past 18 years, its products have been sold to China, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other places. In addition, our company continues to develop new label stickers, including two-dimensional code label sticker printing of medical drugs and bar code label sticker printing of medical drugs. Our company has the most advanced equipment system, "automatic die-cutting machine, high-precision bar code machine, inkjet printer, slitting machine, quality inspection label machine, bronzing machine, and many production lines specializing in the production of multi-layer folding labels, roll machine stickers, self-adhesive bottle stickers, etc." And a complete set of perfect post press processing and production equipment. At the same time, we are constantly enterprising, attentive and hard-working. Among the numerous manufacturers of customized label stickers in the country, the price of our medical drug label stickers is relatively affordable (mainly in the form of factory direct sales and providing wholesale prices), and the quality of label products is strictly controlled.

For all medical self-adhesive labels, our products meet the requirements of FDA 21 cer176.170 and 176.180 for paper and the European requirements on food contact based on (food framework regulation 1935/2004).

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