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product name UL label
product material black, silver, transparent
product specification customized on demand (size, thickness, color, content)
product features UL is a product certification body in the United States and the founder of American product standards.
Application Industry electrical appliances oven, oven, fireplace, coffee pot, lawn mower, aromatherapy lamp, etc
Lighting LED lamp, power cord, wall lamp, electric fireplace, driver, power supply, ballast, etc
Accessories motor, transformer, adapter, relay, inverter, battery, fan, etc

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UL labels

UL labels can only be printed by PGAA printing house with the help of UL third party company Ningbo Kunpeng printing has passed UL certification. UL company advocates that all UL certificates do not have paper certificates. You can directly go to UL's official website for inquiry. UL official address: www.ul com
The UL logo is used by different industries. The UL label is printed by the UL Center and meets the UL969, PGDQ2, and PGDQ8 standards. This label indicates that the sample of the product meets the UL safety requirements.
Pass the high and low temperature test
No fading, blistering and falling off of the test label affixed to the surface and placed in high temperature oven 150 ° and cold box -40°

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There are different schemes for different veneers to meet your choice

Material classification: silver material
The surface of dumb silver is silver, and the thickness can be selected. (0.05~0.15mm) the texture is soft and smooth.
Label performance: waterproof, oil proof, no delamination, no deformation, no yellowing, temperature resistance (-40°~150 ℃), wear-resistant and sun resistant
White material
Withstand -40°- 175° high temperature
The surface of white material is clean, glossy white, sticky and light tight
Label performance: waterproof, oil proof, no delamination, no deformation, no yellowing, material usually durable lamination
Transparent material
Resistant to -40°- 150° high temperature
The original material is transparent, and the pasted object can have no label feeling

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