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Anti counterfeiting labels include fragile labels, laser labels, void anti-counterfeiting labels, laser labels, water discoloration anti-counterfeiting labels, and variable data QR code labels,Anti counterfeiting labels: including material anti-counterfeiting labels, laser labels, laser self-adhesive labels, fragile self-adhesive labels and anti-counterfeiting labels that change color when encountering water.

1. After the material anti-counterfeiting label is lifted, the pre-designed pattern or text (such as "void", "tear invalid", "opened" or other patterns or text specified by the customer) is separated and cannot be restored.

2. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are colorful. They are made by laser engraving according to the pattern and content required by the guests. They have different colors from different angles, metal effects, brilliant luster, and cannot be copied.

3. The surface of the laser paper self-adhesive label emits colorful light, with strong waterproof, antifouling and scratch resistance. The printing color is strong with the material, and the gloss is beautiful, bright and charming.

4. When the fragile self-adhesive label is pasted on the substrate and then lifted, the material breaks irregularly, indicating that the product package has been disassembled and cannot be restored to its original state. The printing is clear, the color is bright and saturated, the thickness is uniform, and the flexibility is good.

5. When the anti-counterfeiting label is completely exposed to water, the surface will become a significantly different color from the previous one, and it is irreversible.

In addition to the anti-counterfeiting function, anti-counterfeiting labels also have the functions of improving image, shaping brand value, marketing products, facilitating manufacturer management and so on.

KIPPON's technical team maintains a leading position in product security through the combination of physical and digital security technologies.  Through a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure the rights and interests of producers, to help enterprises to eliminate fakes .We can provide bar code anti crosstalk label、anti transfer、anti-coun-terfeiting label and laser holographic label etc .

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