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The story of the product is opened by the package. In today's competitive market, brands provide consumers with endless choices and substitutes. By establishing a deeper connection with buyers, packaging can make products different. We no longer only buy products based on their sensory characteristics (such as taste and smell), but make judgments based on our first sight. To successfully exert the influence of packaging, we need the imagination, innovation and vision of the packaging creation team.We stick to our enterprise spirit of "Quality, Performance, Innovation and Integrity".

Bronzing is an important decorative technology in modern packaging and printing industry. It not only beautifies products, but also has metal texture. It can not only increase the added value of products, but also play an anti-counterfeiting effect

Digital hot stamping enables customers to realize and own digital hot stamping products and packaging with 2d/3d metal texture. Customized bronzing can achieve intelligent, variable and bright surface finishing effect, providing your products with unique shelf appeal.

Three dimensional relief hot stamping foil can achieve amazing relief effect on the plane, bring a bright and eye-catching visual experience, and make your products stand out.

We can realize two kinds of decoration: Digital bronzing and digital local relief glazing. From fine bronzing text to local polishing of high gloss surfaces and large-area patterns with textures, we can meet the needs of personalized packaging industry and apply to medium and large-scale production.

■ one time paper feeding for bronzing and polishing
■ tactile relief effect
■ the amount of UV ink can be changed on the same sheet to achieve flexible


Relief effect

Digital bronzing decoration can highlight the unique effects of customization, personalization, different language versions or variable patterns.

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