The “Encounter” of Beverage and Label


When we buy drinks, beautiful bottle packaging is one of our first choices.


The common beverage label packaging can be divided into two types: surround label and sticker label.

Characteristics of these two labels:

1、Surround label:no glue mark on the bottle. After printing, the label is made into a cylinder with glue. After the beverage is filled and sealed, the equipment is cut into a cylinder and sheathed on the beverage bottle. The overheated shrinkage channel makes it shrink and fix it on the bottle. According to the label material, this adhesive is pvcpetops handheld adhesive.

2、Sticker label:The general label material is PP material, which is laminated with hot melt adhesive.

Today, we will introduce the label of sticker.

All major brands choose high-quality drink sources and upgrade packaging materials to enhance the shelf appeal and product strength of products.

Square or round bottle body labeling area creates conditions for the use of sticker labels (flat or curved); At the same time, simple packaging and transparent labels make the whole packaging form simpler; The material of the transparent label fits seamlessly with the bottle body, and the local label is overlapped (generally, the adhesive label is designed with the front label and back label) to achieve a label free feeling.

The specific materials of beverage sticker are as follows.

Synthetic paper, BOPP, PE, polyolefin, label adhesive are of general strong viscosity type, cold food strong viscosity type, all-weather special type, etc. Special label requirements can be customized.

Inspired by the traditional culture of "tea", KIPPON launched this "Chinese style" label, which extends the product to the cultural and creative areas. The color is bright, the printing is bright, graceful and poetic。

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Post time: Sep-20-2022