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Wine label: Like a wine ID card, each bottle of wine will have one or two labels.The label affixed to the front of the wine is called the positive label.
For the wine exported to other countries, especially the wine imported from China, there will be a label after the bottle, known as the back label. The back label mainly introduces the background of the wine and the winery,as well as the Chinese information that needs to be marked according to China's import regulations, including the wine name, import or agent, shelf life, alcohol content, sugar content and so on. For wine, the back label is usually supplementary information, more key and main information comes from the positive label.

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Hand-painted, simple, fantasy, pagan and Instagram.. Wine labels are becoming more diverse.
A label is not so much a billboard as a symbol that appeals to your brain. Generally speaking, the wine label is more text, winery or brand logo in a prominent place on the wine label. We are seeing a trend of changing artistic styles, hand-drawn styles and minimalist expressions on wine labels - almost like a small work of art. Many consumers rub their fingers on a wine label and feel that the wine is more textured if the label' textrue is plentiful and well-crafted. Especially when it comes to high-end wines, many labels combine simple graphics with relievo or other textured elements to make the label feel higher grade.
# Labels are brighter and more colorful #
In addition to the change in label content, there is another change that stands out. Once there was animal mania and colour labelling, now there is a trend towards brighter and more colourful labels, even for expensive wines.

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Some wine labels incorporate several of these trends: combining bright color patches with counterculture artwork.

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With the trend of low alcohol and non-alcohol increasingly popular, traditional wine merchants have also introduced non-alcohol drinks, aperitif,table wine and so on. Wine label design also needs to be fresh and bright in order to stand out against the top spirits in the bar and stand out from the competition.
# Label printing and brand promotion #
Labels and packaging design have striking similarities between the distillery industry and the beverage industry. Whether it is beer, wine or spirits,brands all hope to attract consumers' attention through certain design elements on labels, so that potential customers can pay for their products in a short time. Apparently, the label on the outside of the bottle has become as important as the liquid inside.

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Beer, wine and spirits brands are all trying to distinguish themselves from other similar products with novel and unique labels. However, compared with beer and wine, spirits have many different requirements for labels, especially the functional requirements for labels.
Wine and Foreign wine Label material knowledge sharing:
For different varieties of wine, label design and material selection are different.
Do you understand their attributes? Are you familiar with what kind of paper should be used for the wine label?
1, coated paper: coated paper is one of the most commonly used wine label paper, the price is relatively cheap, the general supply is relatively sufficient, the printing color reduction degree is relatively high paper, and coated paper also has matt coated paper and glossy coated paper, the difference between the two mainly in gloss has a very obvious distinction.
2, book paper/environmental protection paper: book paper and environmental protection paper is also one of the most commonly used wine label paper, the price is cheaper, the printing color reduction degree is high, the gloss is more elegant, the physical effect will be more high-end than the coated paper. The black wine label is printed on environmentally friendly paper, and the white wine label is printed on book paper. The physical effect of the two will be very similar.
3. Antarctic white paper: Antarctic white paper has a layer of texture on the surface, which belongs to special paper. The printing color is not as high as book paper and environmental protection paper, but the texture will be much higher than it. Because paper with texture for texture bronzing process will be relatively higher requirements! In addition, the grain of white cotton paper is very close to polar yarwhite, but in printing, because the water absorption of white cotton paper is too high, the printing color will be deeper than polar yarwhite, so attention should be paid when choosing white cotton paper.
4. Ice bucket paper: Ice bucket paper is a relatively high-end and expensive special paper. The main reason is that when red wine is soaked in ice bucket, the wine label paper is not easy to break.
5, Conqueror Paper: Conqueror Paper is a kind of special paper with a long and thin texture, in most wine labels, the choice of beige just ancient paper will be more common, many French wine in the old century are just ancient paper, just ancient paper itself will give a person a sense of ancient. The price is relatively cheap.
6, gold, silver, platinum, pearlescent paper: pearlescent paper is also the use of more common special paper, the surface of pearlescent paper itself is with gloss, the physical presentation will give a person a rich and beautiful visual sense, used in ice wine products. In pearlescent paper there will also be beige pearlescent and ice white pearlescent, the main difference with the color of the paper surface. Of course, pearlescent paper also has different lines of paper.
7. Leather paper: Leather paper is also a widely used wine label material at this stage. You can choose the skin with different colors and textures. The leather label can be combined with the hot stamping process.
8, PVC: PVC in the past two years began to be used by most wine merchants, wine label physical effect is very close to the metal brand effect.
9, metal label: metal label is relatively more expensive material, need to do the mold separately, can be printed Emboss、matte、 EXPO technology and so on, relative to paper is higher grade.
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