Kippon– -Repostable series to help you find the perfect label solution

Re-labeling greatly facilitates products that need to be opened repeatedly and closed correctly. Because this type of product solution has higher requirements for reliability and quality, you need to pay special attention when choosing self-adhesive materials. At present, Kunpeng printing mainly uses PP and PE film materials coated with high-performance removable glue. These materials have high tear resistance, cleanability and removal, but also have good compliance. At the same time, we also provide other optional material solutions, such as double penetration, its substrate is PET material, and can be suitable for high-speed labeling. Our products are feature-rich, reliable in quality, highly compliant and visually beautiful, which can make major brands stand out and make consumers clear at a glance.

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For food packaging that needs to be opened and closed repeatedly, such as pasta, rice, tea, coffee, grains and candy, etc., PP and PE self-adhesive materials have a simple and transparent structure, and the contents can be better displayed on supermarket shelves because of the packaging materials The compliance of the product can perfectly fit the line of the product itself, which fully attracts the attention of consumers. Wet wipes products include disinfectant wipes, ordinary wipes, and cotton pads that require flexible packaging. The label must have high tear resistance, and the contents must be kept fresh and moist after repeated opening and closing. Especially now that with the spread of the new crown epidemic, people's attention to safety and health has reached an unprecedented height, so the demand for cleaning and disinfecting wet wipes to be carried around and at home and office at any time is also rising.
Now, no matter whether you already know your needs, or have started selling but need our help, our professional sales and technical team will provide you with guidance and support at any time to ensure that you find the best solution for you. In 2022, Kunpeng Printing hopes that your work will become easier. Therefore, we have launched a relabeling solution for high-demand applications that require repeated opening and closing for multiple uses.

Post time: Jun-28-2022