How to ensure that the wine bottle sticker is intact and brand new when it comes out of the ice bucket?

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Conventional wet-strength papers in the industry may lose their initial opacity, turn gray and change label appearance under extreme wet conditions. In order to meet the needs of wine manufacturers, Kippon has launched a series of new art paper self-adhesive with the latest technology. After successful research and test of Kippon,the initial opacity of the label is still maintained when immersed in the ice bucket, and the image of Kippon as a high-quality brand is also maintained.

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Kippon has special labels for wine bottles and various PE materials that meet customers' needs.

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Kippon Laboratory has strong research and development ability, which makes soft labels have excellent high-speed labeling performance and
perfect fit for large-size and special-shaped labels. No matter the front-end label design, or printing, die cutting until the whole process of labeling,no additional adjustment, the whole process is flexible, convenient and reliable. Kippon's team will provide you with professional service and support, we looking forward your visit.

Post time: Jun-28-2022