Application of labels in daily necessities


Daily necessities are not new to us. We have to contact with all kinds of daily necessities since we wash in the morning. Today we will talk about the labels of daily necessities.

In recent years, with the development of society and economy, label printing has been changing with each passing day, and has been widely permeated in all aspects of people's work and life. Almost all kinds of daily necessities in life use some self-adhesive label printing products. According to different product categories, the daily necessities industry can be divided into personal care products (such as shampoo and hair care products, bath products, skin care products, color makeup, perfume, etc.) and household care products (such as clothing and care products, kitchen cleaning products, bathroom products, etc.) from the market segment.


Characteristics of daily necessities label
1、Diversified printing materials and printing methods
At present, there are many kinds of daily chemical products with various uses and performances, including labels printed on paper or composite paper, labels printed on Petrochemical polymers, and labels printed on glass and metal. Labels can be printed separately and pasted onto products, such as self-adhesive labels; It can also be directly printed on the surface of the product, such as the printed iron label. The diversity of printing materials will inevitably lead to diversified printing methods.
The industrial development trend of green environmental protection packaging and exquisite packaging has put forward higher requirements for the printing quality of daily chemical labels. It not only requires that the daily chemical labels have a beautiful appearance, low printing cost and flexible use, but also requires that they are easy to recycle and reuse and anti-counterfeiting. So as to accelerate the reproduction of color and details of daily chemical labels to achieve more accurate and beautiful, and adopt various printing methods and post press processing methods, and adopt environmentally friendly printing materials.
2、Integration of product description and product display
With the social development and economic globalization, daily necessities, especially cosmetics, have become important products in various commercial supermarkets and stores. The competition in the daily necessities industry has gradually integrated the originally separated product packaging and product display, and also promoted the daily necessities labels to integrate the two major functions of product description and product display by using the combination of multiple printing methods and the combination of multiple printing materials, It enables the labels of daily necessities to carry out product design, printing and processing based on the demand orientation of "beautiful product, accurate identification, stable performance and unique process", so as to ensure that the labels of daily necessities are "beautiful in appearance, delicate in texture, durable and reliable".
3、It has good durability and chemical stability
Daily necessities have a unique sales and use environment, which not only requires daily chemical labels to have specific functions to meet the packaging effect, but also requires stable physical and chemical characteristics such as water resistance, moisture resistance, extrusion resistance, abrasion resistance, tear resistance and corrosion resistance. For example, the frequently used facial cleanser and cream must be resistant to extrusion, abrasion and tear. If the daily chemical products have not been used up, and the surface labels have been damaged or detached, consumers will have doubts about the quality of the products. The shampoo and shower gel used in bathrooms, toilets and other places require that their daily chemical labels have water-resistant, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant properties. Otherwise, the labels may fall off and be misused, resulting in danger. Therefore, the physical and chemical tests after printing of daily chemical labels are very different from other printed products.
Materials used for daily chemical label
The base material of paper self-adhesive labels is mainly coated paper, and the brightness and waterproof function are enhanced through film coating. The printing method is mainly offset printing for high-end products, and flexographic printing and screen printing for medium and low-end products. The base materials of film adhesive labels are mainly PE (polyethylene film), PP (polypropylene film) and various mixtures of PP and PE. Among them, PE material is relatively soft, with good follow-up and extrusion resistance. It is often used on bottles that need to be extruded frequently and are easily deformed. PP material has high hardness and tensile resistance, which is suitable for printing die cutting and automatic labeling. It is commonly used for "transparent label" of hard transparent bottle body. The polyolefin film mixed with PP and PE is not only soft and extrusion resistant, but also has high tensile resistance. It has good following property, printing die cutting and automatic labeling. It is an ideal film label material.

Post time: Aug-17-2022