How to remove the label in the car?

In life, we have almost all touched the stickers, and there are many decorations and labels in the car that use stickers. When these things are torn off, they often leave traces that are difficult to remove in the car or on the surface of the car body, and scraping with forcefully will also damage the car body. Here are some tips to remove the stickers.


1、Florida water

Florida water has a certain effect on the label attached to the glass, but it cannot be completely removed.


2、Ethyl alcohol

Use 75% alcohol, dip it with a towel or cotton ball, and then apply it on the offset. For the old labels, wait a few minutes, and then remove it. Warm tips: pay attention to safety when using flammable liquids to avoid accidents.


3、Essential balm

The essence balm can also remove glue marks to a certain extent because it contains alcohol. The use method is similar to alcohol, but the effect is not as obvious as alcohol.


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Post time: Jul-23-2022